Top 5 Reasons you should be an exhibitor at the Mom & Family Expo 2017

Registration is now closed for this event.                 expo-event-cover-copy-copy

Top 5 reasons why you should be an exhibitor at our event:

1. The date was purposefully chosen with attendance in mind. All South Metro school districts will be finishing up spring break the weekend before, and Easter falls the weekend after, making that date a lower travel date for most. If you have items to sell, moms might be looking for last minute Easter gifts and/or Mother’s day gifts. This is also the time of year that moms and families will be looking to sign their children up for summer activities. So, if you have any camps, classes, clinics or other events happening this summer, this will be a great venue for you to promote your business, along with it’s opportunities for children.

2. Eagan Community Center is a great family friendly venue for moms attending. It has an indoor playground, and small food court convenient for young families.

3. We’ll have a storytime with Engineer Paul from the Choo Choo Bob show in the morning & The Teddy Bear Band is performing in the afternoon! Moms can bring their kids to the shows for free & then browse the expo, too!

4. South Metro Moms has a following of over 1,000 local moms in the South Metro area. We began promoting this event via facebook and on our website ( to this audience in January. A facebook invite went out in February, and flyers and yard signs will be distributed to businesses where moms frequent in March.  We will be running an ad in the Dakota SunTimes Newspaper the end of March and also sending press releases to all local media outlets.

5. We are both moms of young kids and are committed to making this event something that moms will look forward to year after year! If your business can benefit from reaching moms in the South Metro area, this expo is for you!!

Since the launch of our website 2 years ago, we have hoped to have a “live version” of our site with an expo event.  The time is finally here, and we are excited to give this opportunity to many of the businesses & organizations on our site to connect with moms and families in our community.

Please help us make this event a success!


List of Exhibitors

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Exhibitors/Vendors:  For any home-based businesses (independent consultants, distributors, etc.), we will offer business exclusivity, so you will not be competing with someone offering/selling the same items from the same company.